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Once your registration is received you will be directed to a page which includes information about your chess or video game creation camp. It also includes important forms that must be returned on the first day of camp. Please do not mail these forms to us. You must provide an email address with your registration. This is how you will receive any and all communication about the chess camp for which you have registered. All registrations and payments must be received by midnight the Friday before camp starts. After this date, add $25 to tuition and then you must register/pay online. Walk-in spots available on a first come, first serve basis and subject to a $25 walk-in fee. Discount rate of $20 off per camper with groups of five or more. Registrations and payments must be mailed together to qualify for group rate. Please call Active Learning (USA Chess) at 888.65.CHESS or 281.257.0078 for more information or email for more information. USA Chess does not offer extended care, however the host school may offer it through their own summer programs. Please contact the host school if you are interested.

Typical Day- Chess Classes
The camp schedule is structured, but at the same time it is fun. Classroom size for our chess program averages 12-15 campers. We make every effort to group friends together, but groupings within the chess programs are dependent on the camper’s chess playing ability. Teaching methods and lessons are specific to each instructor, but the main focus is the same: present the chess material in a fun, exhilarating and entertaining way. All necessary equipment is provided. There are no expectations placed upon the campers, and the atmosphere is very relaxed. A typical day in our chess program will include instruction, activities and, of course, an opportunity to try their new skills with an opponent. For half day campers, the day consists of two classroom lessons lasting an hour each, with an hour break in between for practice and snack. All-day campers follow the same schedule in the afternoon: an hour lesson with an hour break in between for practice and snack and then a final lesson.

Typical Day – Computer Game Creation and Scratch Animation
Computer enrichment programs typically have two longer sessions with a snack break in between. At the beginning of camp they will be assigned a computer and will work on that machine throughout the week. The instructor will follow our step by step curriculum as the kids learn to create their games or projects. Then for the final days of the camps, they are given time to create on their own, building multiple levels adding characters and making their game just the way they want it.
All day campers follow the same schedule, with an hour-long lunch/recess break between the morning and afternoon sessions. Since the computer classes are half day courses, students will many times change rooms after the break and begin to learn a new game or software program in the afternoon.

Extended Care
Active Learning Services does not provide extended care. Our instructors try to arrive one half hour or more before the class day starts. We do permit children to arrive early as long as our instructors are there. Some host schools offer extended care as part of their summer programs. Parents should contact the host school directly to find out what programs are available.

Graduation Day
The final day of camp is Graduation Day. Parents have the opportunity to observe a lesson, or your child’s computer program creation. Each camper is then called forward to receive a trophy and a certificate of achievement. Chess campers receive a chessboard and pieces and a folder full of work completed throughout the week. Computer enrichment campers will receive information on how to download their games and software from our website. Game creation and scratch animation campers are encouraged to bring a small flash drive so that they can save their game and have it immediately available when they get home from camp.

The USAChess chess camp is for chess campers of all abilities from 5-15. In most camps we will have enough students for groupings by ability. Thus, younger inexperienced chess players will be grouped together for chess lessons, practice and play. Older children will learn more advanced lessons and concepts. Video game creation and Scratch Animation cover ages 7 -16.

Snacks and juice will be provided at the camp during snack time, however lunch is not. Campers are required to bring a complete lunch of their own if attending all day. Refrigeration of lunches will not be available. If your child has specific allergies you will be given the opportunity to describe these allergies in the forms emailed to you upon completion of registration. Since peanut allergies are wide-spread, we attempt to purchase snacks that do not contain nut products. However if your child has an extremely severe allergy of any kind, we recommend that they bring their own snacks to camp.

Disciplinary Policy
We do not anticipate any disciplinary problems during the camp, but we still must set standards. A USAChess Camp Code of Conduct is provided to set the standard. If a disciplinary problem arises within the camp, the camper will receive one warning and a phone call home to their parents. If a second disciplinary problem arises, that camper could be expelled from the camp without any financial credit. If a camper’s behavior becomes so severe or endangers other campers, immediate expulsion from camp without phone calls, warnings, or financial credit may be necessary.

Our staff is comprised of the best hand-picked children’s chess instructors in North America and our computer enrichment staff is specifically trained to teach the software and curriculum. We feel so strongly about our instructors’ abilities that we fly them to each of our camps from their home cities. Our selection process for instructors is highly competitive. In addition to in-person meetings, interviews and classroom observation, we conduct thorough background checks to ensure that only the best instructors are part of our team. Teaching children is their passion and their enthusiasm is infectious.

Cancellation/Change Policy
A full refund minus a $25 service fee is given if cancellation request is received 30 days before camp. After this, refunds will not be given. If a child is sick and is unable to attend the camp, a doctor’s note is required for a refund minus service fee to be given. Switching sessions or camps is permitted based on space available. There will be a $25 change fee accessed for any change.

Parent-Only Class
Join us on Tuesday the week of your USA Chess camp for our parent-only class. Parents who have never played chess before will learn the basic rules and opening tactics. For parents who know about chess, our chess camp instructors will review opening principals, discuss tactics and strategies will be discussed. When: Tuesdays 2:00pm – 4:00pm
Cost: $29 if pre-registered, $39 on-site.